New Watchmaker Argument

l Based upon measurable parameters 
l Probabilities calculable from the observable universe 
l Tolerance for change (fine tuning) calculable from physical laws

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William Paley's arguments from the complexity of living organisms is not often used as an argument for God's existence, due to potential naturalistic explanations. The apparent design of biological organisms is not fully testable at this time, since many of the genetic tests of Darwinian theory can not be completed due to incomplete databases of genetics. However, the emerging field of Intelligent Design Theory may well revive this argument in the near future.

The new watchmaker argument is based upon defined, measurable parameters obtained from the observable universe. By studying the universe, scientists can determine how unique the Earth and Solar System is compared to other planetary systems in our galaxy. Probabilities can be assigned on the basis of our knowledge of the universe to determine if evidence of intelligent design exists.

As our knowledge of the physics of the universe increases, scientists can ask "what if" questions, change the fundamental constants of the universe, and determine what effect these changes would have on our universe. The results of these changes are nothing less than astounding. Go to the next slide to see how tightly constrained the laws of physics must be to get a universe capable of supporting life...
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